I like to think I'm not camera shy.

I kept this facial hair for St. Patrick's Day.

AD: Spencer Buerle

CW: Me

I wish a mustache looked as good on me as it does my father.

AD: Alex Zermeno

CW: Nate Goodwin

I was a little trash boy.

Photographer/AD: Laura Jones

CW: Nate Goodwin

This was a real tear.

AD/Photographer: Chris Vanderkleed

I got to be a cowboy. Childhood dream, check.

AD: Chris Vanderkleed

CW: Zak DeLange

From this distance, you can't tell I bite my fingernails. 

AD: Jelena Kolomejac

CW: Namwan Leavell

Pine Sol Print.png

I actually spend a lot of time not cleaning my room.

AD: Ansley Jacobs

CW: Mitch Hanson